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Anonymous asked: How do you really know when your lesbian do you just know or do you have to try both ways out first?

I think it’s different for everyone. Most of us just know, it’s just something inside you, others don’t know until they try. You hear of people who have been in straight marriages all their life, and got married and then fall in love with someone of the same sex. But don’t feel like you have to label yourself, just go with the flow of who you like and go for it! :)

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Anonymous asked: How old are you?

17, 18 next week

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distanceandus asked: Hey, Hannah, could you, please, give me a shout out? I'm dating a transguy that I first thought was a girl, we've been together for nearly 2 years. We will meet for the first time in june-july, but we don't have enough money for hotel and stuff. So there's a donation button on our tumblr and anyone who wants to help us can click on it. We don't need much money, any dolar will be of great help! Thanks a lot, Hannah!

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My princess and I :)